A Little Bit About Me

"I believe that veryone is beautiful in their own unique way, and deserves an amazing portrait that captures that beauty."  This is my belief and philosophy that drives me every day.

Growing up, my Dad that had a camera around his neck pretty much at all times. He documented everything.  I guess it was in my blood, and I began photographing people around high school about 1985 (ouch, that seems so long ago!) and was soon obsessed with the capturing moments and action around school for our yearbook.   

What is it about photography that drives me? The stories! I love them. I truly believe in the beauty of the world and love to learn about people. It drives my husband crazy, but I never meet a stranger.  There are so many stories captured in a photograph.  There is an emotion that comes through.  Sometimes it's laughter, sometimes it's a gaze, or sometimes it's a crinkle of the nose, but the stories and emotions are there, and it's my job to bring them out. 

 So I was born in New Orleans, and have loved the texture, art and history that surrounds us here since I can remember. My parents dragged my sisters and I down to the city every Mardi Gras and I have been in love with New Orleans ever since. One little eclectic tid bit about me is that I love to collect bricks I find near old buildings. My family doesn't understand this tendency of mine to cherish old treasures, but I can't help myself.  I kind of look at my pretty old bricks as having some kind of history trapped in them that I want to preserve.

My studio is located in Madisonville, Louisiana, just north of New Orleans.  I call it my cute country cottage studio. When I am not busy photographing, I love to spend time with my husband walking our dog, Charlie, or on the sidelines of one of my sons' many sporting events.  I have two older children, one of whom graduated from college and has moved on to the big grown up world, and one still in college in Baton Rouge. (Go Tigers!)

Photos by

Brandi Stage Portraiture,

Bay St. Louis, MS


5150 Highway 22, Suite C7, Mandeville, LA United States

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