Personal Branding is the digital footprint of your professional image. A strong personal brand is important and good imagery is crucial in conveying your story. Your image defines how you are perceived. Whether you are starting a new company, or running an established company, authenticity is key and can yield a large return on investment.


It starts with a consultation so we can learn all about you and your brand.Your online presence tells the story of you.  What is the image you want to portray? 


Paige brings her background in sales and marketing to help create the best and most relevant images for your professional image.


What will you wear?  Your wardrobe consult will make everything clear! We will plan wardrobe based on the various looks we decide in the pre-planning and set design .  Creativity is key, and we will make sure you have a variety of looks to choose from. 

hair & makeup

Who doesn't get a little nervous about getting their pictures taken? A complete makeover is included in your session fee. The focus is on you, and will  ensure you are your most comfortable for your session. 



Your online presence tells the story of your brand and business.  In this age of internet and social media, you often have only seconds to grab the attention of potential clients, employers, customers, etc. 

Professional photos allow you to stand out, to send a clear and consistent message to your clients, and give a platform for them to connect with you.


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Paige Henderson Personal Branding

Personal Branding session in studio in Madisonville, Louisiana